Saturday, February 03, 2007


Surfing through the net I found about Minimiam, a site where photographers Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle exhibit their creations surrounding a very peculiar food world, where its inhabitants are really tiny.
We can observe how each of these tiny characters perform special tasks such as on the above photo: taking away all the seeds before enjoying this delicious looking fruit.
It's also necessary to "cut the grass" and nothing better than using a lawnmower to remove it from the surface of a kiwi. If you're looking for a sports challenge, then the ideal setting is a Paris Brest (traditional french puff pastry ring), where sugar and sliced almonds will give the cyclists in the photo a hard time.
The mini soldiers try to maintain harmony for the rest of the tiny population by facing an army of snails that threatens to devastate their home.
Photographic art fusioned with food and a large dose of imagination results in this unusual album. Visit the Minimiam website for more interesting photography.

Source: Directo al Paladar
Original text in Spanish by: Vil Sid
Translated by Elena Hernandez

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