Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dianne Jacob

It's always exciting to receive e-mail from our members indicating that they are visiting this blog. This space was created by and for our membership, with the idea of showing the World who we are as an organization.

IACP is composed of 4,000 food professionals from 35 countries: from Malaysia to Argentina; from Spain to the United States. We are food writers, chefs, entrepreneurs, cooking school owners and teachers, food photographers and stylists, food scientists, culinary students, and more. We are unique in the sense that we represent different areas of the profession, different parts of the planet, united by one common denominator: food.

One of the greatest advantages of belonging to the IACP is to have access to continuing educational opportunities, not only in the specific area that we move in, but to extend our possibilities to other areas within our field.

The first book I read about food writing in English was Will Write for Food, by Dianne Jacob. I devoured the book in a week. Then I signed up for Dianne's workshop on writing last year at the IACP Conference in Seattle, but I was unable to attend at the last minute. So, when I learned that Dianne will be teaching a week-long class next summer on food writing in one of my favorite parts of the world, the South of France, I was very interested. How could I miss this unique opportunity to learn with one of the best food writing teachers around? Plus the cooking in this part of the country is so good: Cassoulet, Coq au Vin, Foie Gras...delicieux! je veux être là!

I set myself to find out more about Dianne's class. I found out it will take place from June 9-16 at a place called the Lot Valley. Dianne will teach about how food affects memory, place, and identity. You might write about cooking, meals around the family table, restaurants, travel, your mother’s kitchen or friendships - whatever inspires you. You will stroll around the local markets to get inspired by the people and the food, you will visit wineries and medieval villages. If you are already at work on a cookbook idea or writing a book, this workshop makes room to pursue your project.

I want to be there!

If you want to go (like me), please read the complete program and details by visiting Dianne's website here.

If you want to meet Dianne you might want to sign up for one of her two very interesting workshops during our Chicago Conference next April: Pizza, The Heart and Soul of Chicago and Eco-Gastronomy. For more information, click here. If you are not an IACP member and wish to attend our Conference this year, we are offering for the first time ever a special fee that includes a 6-month trial membership plus registration. Come to Chicago and celebrate the world of food with us!

And please keep those e-mails coming.

by Elena Hernandez
Chair, International Committe

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