Friday, February 02, 2007

IACP Past President passes away

Sharon Tyler Herbst, author of "The Food Lover's Companion" and former IACP President, has died. According to the Associated Press, Tyler passed away on January 26 in her Bodega Bay home after a 3 1/2 year battle with ovarian cancer. The International Committee of IACP wishes to express its deepest condolences to her husband Ron Herbst and other members of her family.

Elena Hernandez
Chair, IACP International Committee

The following is a message written by IACP Board Director Scott Givot:

For a friend...

News of the passing of Sharon Tyler Herbst is as though an angel had flown over my head. I can still recall her sunny face and radiant spirit at the Seattle Conference last year. Her company had the same effect on me as it did on our first meeting long ago in Santa Fe. Because of this meeting with Sharon, I joined IACP in 1989, the same year she was President.

To know her has been a journey of delightful moments, strung like the pearls in a lifetime. She has been a mentor and introduced my lifeline to IACP, when I so desperately needed renewal of faith in my potential and ability. Her laugh was contagious, her humour sharp as a tack and loyalty to loved ones and friends as deep as can possibly be fathomed.

Most of all Sharon has shared her gift to embrace courage in the face of terminal illness and continue her path onward with lightness. She has been a remarkable woman and shared her knowledge along with her dear mate and husband, Ron through the many books she has created. I know that it was her longing wish to one day see the Northern Lights in the Arctic skies. Somehow when I look into the heavens tonite, I believe she is amongst them.

Scott Givot

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