Thursday, May 24, 2007

International Conference on Food Styling and Photography

Boston University will host the International Conference on Food Styling and Photography: A World of Business, Techniques, and Design from June 1-4. Quite a few IACP members are featured speakers at this event. Board Director Darra Goldstein, Ignacio Urquiza from Mexico, James Scherzi, Lisa Golden Schroeder, Delores Custer, and Shirley Corriher are among them. For more information click here.


In the Market
by Yukari Pratt

It goes without saying that Japan is a paradise for any foodie. This is the country where cows are indulged with beer and massages. Fruit is fondled and coddled like a newborn. Bread from Poilane is flown in weekly from France and handmade wagashi from Kyoto is whisked to Tokyo via shinkansen.

This outright obsession with food is perhaps nowhere more evident than in Tokyo's department-store food floors, or depachika. Working as the sommelier at Takashimaya's Nihonbashi depachika, I am surrounded by the familiar, such as background music from the Carpenters, and the not-so-familiar, like the endless variety of fish. My workplace is constantly evolving, and so massive that I feel I will never fully understand its intricacies. Nevertheless, the depachika is one of the greatest places for anyone who is passionate or slightly curious about food to get a taste of Japanese cuisine and culture-and to begin to unlock their many secrets. Read complete article here.

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