Sunday, August 20, 2006

Laboratorios: IACP Panama members meet

IACP members in Panama meet every month to create recipes using indigenous ingredients to our country. We have named these meetings Laboratorios which in Spanish means laboratory and our main goal is to do research on the chosen ingredients, rescue old recipes and develop new ones. Most of the IACP members in Panama are chefs and our "lab" work has turned out to be very interesting. We keep a record of our work and we have even taped and edited a couple of videos. Here are the links to what we have done so far.

Laboratorio 1: Organic Corn
en Español
in English

Laboratorio 2: Coconut
Part I, en Español
Part II, en Español

For the white cocada recipe in English click here.

Here are the 2 videos of our August Laboratorio.

Video 1: Pie de Pipa (Coconut Pie)

Video 2: Cocada Panameña (Dark Coconut sweet from Panama)

Elena Hernandez

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