Wednesday, June 14, 2006

From Mexico: Margarita Carrillo praised for her promotion of Mexican Cuisine

Chef, cooking teacher and entrepreneur Margarita Salinas de Carrillo was profiled by Mexico City's Buena Mesa section of the newspaper Reforma on Friday June 9. She was recognized for her work in promoting Mexican cuisine throughout the world especially in Japan and China and for the Unesco proposal to designate Mexican Cuisine as an Oral and Intangible Patrimony of the World. As a member of Slow Food Mexico, with Alicia D'Angeli, she has investigated and written about the regional cuisines of Oaxaca, Michoacan ,and Chihuahua amongst others. Along with giving cooking classes here in Mexico City she has also created Helados Finos where she manufactures artisinal style ice creams flavored with native fruits such as mamey, guanabana and the classic green lemon of Mexico. When she is not traveling she can be found directing her restaurant Don Emiliano in San Jose de los Cabos in Baja California and soon we hope her book Tamales and Atoles will be ready for publication. To end we also recognize her many efforts on the behalf of IACP as country coordinator for Mexico.

by Ruth Alegría

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