Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ferran Adria at World of Flavors 2006

St. Helena, CA, June 15, 2006 — The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone announces the all-star roster of top Spanish chefs and culinary experts gathering for its 9th Worlds of Flavors International Conference & Festival to be held at the college's historic Napa Valley campus November 2-4, 2006. The conference is sold-out.

Event is SOLD OUT and limited spaces only available through IACP, click here for information on this event.

The CIA's upcoming "Spain and the World Table: Regional Traditions, Invention and Exchange" will be the largest and most comprehensive conference held in the United States about Spanish food and wine, and the contribution of Spain to world menus past and future.

"At a time when Spain can arguably claim to be the hot culinary destination in Europe—and Spanish foods and wines are increasingly finding a place at the American table—Americans are just beginning to grasp the depth and brilliance of these flavors and traditions," said Greg Drescher, senior director of strategic initiatives at The Culinary Institute of America and founder of the college's Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival. "This conference presents an extraordinary opportunity for American foodservice industry leaders to live and breathe three high-impact days of the culinary genius that is Spain today—and discover ways to adapt these flavors to their own operations."

Headlining the conference is Ferran Adrià of the three-star Michelin El Bulli restaurant in Roses, Spain, and considered by many to be one of the most influential chefs in the world. Acting as this year's conference chairman is Jose Andrés, an influential Spanish chef in the United States (Washington, D.C.), and host of a popular TV cooking program in Spain. Joining chefs Adrià and Andrés are a renowned group of chefs and top culinary experts from Spain and the United States, including Andoni Luis Aduriz, chef of Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Spain; Joan Roca, chef of Cellar de Can Roca in Taiala, Spain; Dani García, chef of Calima in Marbella, Spain; and Manolo de la Osa, chef of Las Rejas in Las Pedroneras, Spain.

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