Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Peruvian food, the hottest trend

Ceviche, tiraditos, anticuchos, causa, cau cau, arroz chaufa, seco de chivo...are just some of the popular dishes of Peru. Lima has been recently named the gastronomical capital of Latin America and this has been accomplished thanks in great part to the government´s support in promoting Peruvian food outside of the country´s frontiers. Local chefs headed by the ultra popular Gaston Acurio and owner together with wife-partner Astrid have managed to create a "food empire" in and outside of Peru. Their upscale restaurant Astrid & Gaston opened 12 years ago in Lima and now has branches in Santiago de Chile, Quito, Bogotá, Caracas, and before the end of this year will open in Panama. Chefs Mario Navarrete of Raza in Montreal and Emanuel Piqueras of Mixtura in Seattle have been recognized for their excellence and their restaurants featured in newspapers and magazines in North America.

The Associated Press has written a very interesting article about Peruvian food that you can read here.

To read my coverage (in Spanish) of the Salon Internacional de la Gastronomia that took place last weekend in Caracas, Venezuela and featuring special guest chefs from Peru, including Gaston Acurio, click here and here.

Here´s another great interview in English.

Elena Hernandez
International Chair, IACP

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Barbara said...

The buzz over Peruvian food is catching fire in numerous U.S. cities, such as Chicago and Charlotte, N.C.

I hear that Gaston Acurio plans to open yet another Peruvian restaurant, this time in Dallas. It will be U.S. outpost of his upscale criollo bistro T'anta, which I eat at regularly in Lima.

For more news on Peruvian food, see "Calientito! Peruvian Food Trend Heats up in 2009" at An American in Lima: