Monday, October 16, 2006

What to Drink with what you Eat

We´re very happy to be one of today´s hosts to the Virtual Book Tour of "What to drink with what you eat", IACP member Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page´s recently published book. What an original idea to be touring the internet and being featured in some of the top food and drink blogs/sites around!

After the success of Culinary Artistry, who is on my (and MANY cooks´) list of favorite books because of the flavor matching reference guide, Andrew and Karen have done the same in "What to drink with what you eat" by teaching us how to pair food with the perfect drink.

Here is what is being said about "What to drink with what you eat":

"The most comprehensive guide to matching food and drink ever compiled is offered by the James Beard Award-winning author team of Dornenburg and Page, with practical advice from the best wine stewards and chefs in America."

— Book Club

"Any good cook knows that the choice of wine (or beer!) can make or break the meal. Nothing could be more disappointing to a cook than having your efforts fall flat because of a misstep when it comes to pairing drink with food. In compiling the wisdom of wine and beverage experts, Karen and Andrew have done an amazing service for all lovers of good food."

— José Andrés, chef-restaurateur and winner of the 2003 James Beard Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic Award

"This book teaches you the principles of understanding how to find the perfect match for any meal. Whether you're drinking Champagne or beer, sake or port, this book makes finding the perfect match easy and fun."

— Roger Dagorn, master sommelier, and David Waltuck, chef-owner of Chanterelle (NYC), winner of the 1996 James Beard Outstanding Wine Service Award and the 2004 Outstanding Restaurant Award

"Andrew and Karen have created the most exciting and comprehensive guide to wine pairing that I have ever seen....You will be using it constantly to fulfill your own curiosity and to throw the best parties."

— Eric Ripert, chef-owner of Le Bernardin (NYC) and winner of the 2003 James Beard Outstanding Chef Award

"Dornenburg and Page, authors of BECOMING A CHEF and CULINARY ARTISTRY, demystify the challenge of food and beverage pairing in this exhaustive, accessible resource. Believing that the best matches create peak experiences, the authors consult with the world's most discriminating palates, who see food and drink as inseparable. With stories from such noted chefs as Daniel Boulud, Traci Des Jardins and Patrick O'Connell and a host of top sommeliers, this comprehensive collection provides a wealth of guidelines for pairings, not only by specific food, but by food type, time of day, characteristics, season and personal mood. From fast food to ethnic cuisine, they include unlikely entries such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer), oxtails (Barolo), moussaka (Retsina, Rioja), potato chips (beer, champagne) and saag paneer (Pinot Gris). While focusing primarily on wine, the authors include matches for a variety of other beverages, including tea, water, coffee, beer and spirits, and offer the pairings in reverse — what to serve if you've already selected your beverage. This encyclopedic collection is highly recommended for those who give serious thought to the flavor of each dish."

— Publishers Weekly

For all of us folks living outside of the USA, get your copy of this book through We have already ordered ours!

Elena Hernández
International Chair

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