Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Toys for the Adventurous Cook

Not only have Spanish chefs revolutionized the food world with new cooking techiniques during the past few years, they have also ventured into inventing equipments for the kitchen. Here are a few examples, created by Paco Roncero, Javier Andrés, Sergio Torres and Joan Roca.

Pacojet gives chefs the chance to create an infinite number of ice creams and sorbets, both sweet and savoury. It is a food processor unique in its category which emulsions the food, i.e., it turns frozen foods into purée or cream with no need to defrost them. The results are outstanding: in a few seconds Pacojet produces a cream for spreading, a filling, a concentrate of soups or greens, a fruit ice cream or sorbet which conserves its natural aroma.
Pacojet can process food in quantities up to ten portions, and its containers are ideal for keeping the creams it produces in the freezer.

This thermostat can create a bain marie with a constant, identical temperature in the whole container. It can also control low temperature cooking, between 5° and 100° C. Because of its characteristics, the Roner is particularly useful for cooking products which have previously been vacuum packed —meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, terrines, patés, jams, preserves—, for pasteurising food prepared with traditional techniques and for thermal regeneration of vacuum packed finished preparations.

The Gastrovac is a compact appliance for cooking and impregnating in a vacuum. It is patented in over 160 countries and developed with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the cooks Javier Andrés (La Sucursal Restaurant, Valencia) and Sergio Torres (El Rodat Restaurant, Jávea). It functions as follows: by creating an artificial low pressure, oxygen-free atmosphere, the Gastrovac considerably reduces cooking and frying temperatures, maintaining the texture, colour and nutrients of the food.
Moreover, the Gastrovac creates the “sponge effect”: when the atmospheric pressure is restored, the food absorbs the liquid around it, allowing infinite combinations of foods and flavours.

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