Sunday, July 02, 2006

Understanding Food & Culture

Ken Rubin, IACP´s CCP Committe Vice-Chair is the Editor of, a website that contains recipes, articles, and cooking tips from some of the best chefs around. I stumbled upon this site through a link and found interesting content that I wanted to use for this blog, so I wrote them asking permission to do so. I was very surprised when Ken wrote back saying we´d met numerous times during IACP conventions, and that I was welcome to link to his site. That´s an example of how IACP manages to "unite the World though food".

In one of his articles, Understanding Food and Culture , we learn how ..."chefs must strive to be competent in both the hands-on practicalities of food production and have a thorough understanding of where foods come from, how they are prepared in their own contexts, and why certain techniques are used over others. Traditionally chefs merely prepared food, now chefs are expected to articulate the origins, histories, and meanings of the dishes they prepare. Now chefs can actually interpret cuisines, not just cook foods..."

To read the complete article, click here .

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