Sunday, July 30, 2006

Frankfurt Book Fair – October 4-8, 2006

For the first time an international exhibition of food and wine books will take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair. There will be 1500 books of the last 10 years, from 70 countries. The exhibition takes place on the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards stand, with 150 m2, and shows the winners of last year awards, as well as a selection of winners from the past years.

Since the announcement of this exhibition, authors and publishers of food and wine books have communicated to Gourmand that they will visit the Frankfurt Book Fair, many for the first time. Gourmand maintains a list of these visitors. Many meetings have been already arranged, and there is intense activity.

The “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards” were created at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1995 to honour those who cook and drink with words. Since then the sector has had amazing growth, with the help of television, and has become glamourous, with stars in many countries. The number of titles published each year has at least doubled in 10 years in most countries. For instance Sweden publishes now the same number of titles as France ten years ago, with a population 6 times smaller. France has multiplied in 10 years its production by nearly 3 times. Now Asia and other markets are developing rapidly.

The “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards” have become the “Oscars” of the sector. They have taken place in Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and for the first time in May 2006 in Asia, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So Gourmand is very pleased to come back to the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, and honour there again its past winners with this exhibition.

For Information visit the Gourmand website or contact:

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28008 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 541 67 68 Fax: +34 91 541 68 21

Bo Masser, Secretary of the Jury
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SE-712 32 Hellefors
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