Thursday, May 24, 2007

International Conference on Food Styling and Photography

Boston University will host the International Conference on Food Styling and Photography: A World of Business, Techniques, and Design from June 1-4. Quite a few IACP members are featured speakers at this event. Board Director Darra Goldstein, Ignacio Urquiza from Mexico, James Scherzi, Lisa Golden Schroeder, Delores Custer, and Shirley Corriher are among them. For more information click here.


D said...

To All who missed this event... I am sorry. It was extremely well done!!! We learned a lot and had a great time! Boston was a Blast. However, I would prefer a Crawfish Boil anyday over a Lobster Boil!

Mari-Lou said...

I was sorry to miss 2007 and was hoping to attend 2008. Where will it be located and when? Thanks