Tuesday, April 17, 2007

IACP 29th Annual Conference Day 2, Cooking Schools and Teachers Section Forum

Day 2 at Conference is usually when the professional sections hold their forums. This year the Cooking Schools and Teachers Section held its forum early in the morning with quite a large audience. Jonathan Zearfoss of the Culinary Institute of America, Molly Stevens, cooking teacher and author, Andy Schloss of Culinary Generations, cookbook author and teacher, Albert Schmid of Sullivan College and Elena Hernandez of the Academia de Artes Culinarias in Panama, were invited to sit on a panel of expert teachers to talk about teaching techniques. The panel entitled "From Socrates to You…to Infinity and Beyond! Raising Your Teaching Skills to the Celestial Level" was moderated by Dan Traster, the Section Chair and cooking instructor.

The second part of the session consisted of roundtable discussions and the attendees were able to interact with peers from all over the world. The roundtables were coordinated by Betty Ann Litvak, the Section Vice-Chair. Attendees included members from Panama, Mexico, Canada, Italy, and the USA, among others.

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